Sri Rama Namalu Satakoti (Lyrics) : Meena 1970

Sri Rama Namalu Satakoti (Lyrics) : Meena 1970
శ్రీ రామ నామాలు శతకోటి : మీన
Singer (S) : P.Suseela
పాడినవారు: పి.సుశీల
Lyricist :
గీత రచయిత:
Music Composer: Ramesh Naidu
సంగీతం: రమేష్ నాయుడు

Sri Rama Namalu Satakoti-Meena 1970

11 thoughts on “Sri Rama Namalu Satakoti (Lyrics) : Meena 1970”

  1. can this be written in english for us to read and sing as i do not know to read telugu to follow the lyrics

  2. There cannot be any other song which can describe the glimpses and glory of Lord Rama. A Wonderful composition by Ramesh Naidu and very beautifully sung by Nightingale of Andhra Pradesh P.Suseela

  3. Rama Nama is infinite in number , so powerful & enchanting that any number of its rendition by any number of people is nothing.Even a single time chanting of it, as enunciated by the Lord Siva himself, is equivalent to thousand times:

    Sree Rama Rama Ramethi
    Rame Rame Manorame
    Sahasranaama Thatthulyam
    Rama Naama Varaanane!!!

    Sree Rama Chandra Charanau Sharanam Prapadye!!
    (My prostrations to the Lotus feet of the Lord Rama)

  4. Here is the song Sri Ramanamalu satakoti written in English script:

    Sri Rama Naamaalu Satha Koti – Okkokka peru bahu theepi bahu theepi (repeat)

    Thandri Aanathi thala daalchu thanayudu Dasaradha Ramayya sthavaneeyudu (repeat)

    Kadumeti vilu virichi kalikini chepattu Kalyana Ramayya kamaneeyudu – kamaneeyudu # Sri Ramanamaalu . . #

    Sudathi jaanaki thodi shbha sarasamaadeti SundaraRamayya sukumaarudu (repeat)

    Kothimookalatho aa.. aa.. aaa. kothimookalatho lankapai dndettu KodandaRamayya RaNadheerudu .. Ranadheerudu # Sri Ramanamaalu . . #

    Pavamaana suthudu paadaalu pattagaa PattabhiRamayya parandhaamudu – parandhaamudu (repeat)

    Avanilo sevinchu aashritula paalinchu AchyutaRamayya akhilaatmudu – akhlatmudu # Sri Ramanamaalu . . #

  5. Many thanks. Today is Sri Ramanavami and searching this song, as I like it the most. Fortunately after a few efforts, I not only got the lyrics but also the son. May God guide and bless. Love and Love alone …

  6. I am writing comment again after 2 years,on the 1st day of Ramanavami of year 2014″Jaya Nama Samvascharam”. Still I could not find Rama Bhakti geetam as sweet as this and this is still as fresh as ever. Thanks to the Lyricyst,Composer and the Singer

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